Benefits Of Online Forms

Every organisation uses systems to manage compliance information that's important to the operating efficiency and success of their business.

While traditional document and spreadsheet systems have served us well for many years they have a number of disadvantages when compared to an online management system (OMS).

Accurate & Secure

The data entered in an OMS can be controlled to improve the accuracy of data collected. If a user enters data that is not valid then they will be prompted to re-enter the correct information.

Access to add, view, edit, list, chart and download online forms can be controlled by users groups. Furthermore, groups and fields on the form can be secured so only certain groups or users have access.


Easy To Use Better Analysis

With todays availability of devices online forms are much more accessable. From your desktop, your notebook, tablet or handheld device you can easily locate and complete the required form.

The information is stored in a database so it's a simple task to analyse the information. Results can be displayed on a web page and presented the way you like it including data tables and charts.


Green & Economical

The cost of printing documents is significant as it includes not just the paper but inks, toner, printer purchase, maintenance and record storage which can all add up to a significant sum.

Reducing or eliminating the use of paper helps to lower your operating costs.


Fast & Legible

Online management systems are pretty much instantaneous. A list of all submissions gives instant visibility to the level of submissions.

As soon as data is submitted it's delivered with no more handwriting that's impossible to read.


Workflow Email

You can receive notifications by email when data are submitted or changed. You can easily keep track of just one submission, or track every submission of any or all your data.

Access to certain sections on a form can be restricted allowing approval process to be applied to the online form.


Simpler & Smarter

Use staff to do more constructive work. No more problems with people completing a superseded form.

The form is only available from one place and it's always the current version. Submitted forms can be edited and all changes can be tracked easily.


Time & Space Saving

Eliminating printed documents will give your staff more time to do more useful things in your organisation.

No more filing and retrieving hard copy documents, no more filing cabinets and archive boxes taking up space and cluttering the office.