Are You Getting The Full Story?

Image of man filling formIf your organisation depends on documents and spreadsheets to collect data then there's a high probability you're not getting the full story.

How often do you receive a form that has not been completed correctly or has important information missing? This can be annoying as you then need to chase up the person to gather all the correct or missing details. With no method to force accurate completion it's too easy for people to make errors when completing forms based on documents and spreadsheets.

Using an online form will improve the quality of the information when compared to other data collection methods. This is acheived by adding validation rules into the fields of the online form to ensure we only get the information we require. A rule can be as simple as making a field mandatory for completion, or a rule that compares the data to a required format and type. This means the form can't be submitted with missing or incomplete data.

In summary, with online forms you can be sure that you are getting the full story.