Management System Help

What is it?

This is a system for managing various types of assets to satisfy compliance with standards, regulations or legislative requirements.

An asset is typically a document or record but it can also include physical resources like buildings, equipment or people. This system is intended to provide a simple demonstration of what is possible.

What does it do?

It allows you to record all types of assets and you can then create tasks to manage them.

  • An asset could be an uploaded file, a link to a web resource, a web page created within this system, or a reference to the location of a physical asset. You can create assets types to group assets logically.
  • The tasks can be anything you deem as important and are intended to help you maintain them in accordance with regulatory requirements. Task types can also be created and you must be viewing the details of a document to create a task.

What are the Icons for?

The icons at the top left of the management system provide links to other functions and the purpose of each icon is explained in the table below.

Icon Purpose
List all the assets. You can quickly find a record with the search and sorting features and then click on that record to view the details of that asset.
List all the tasks for assets. A table displaying all the tasks in descending order of the date the task is scheduled to be completed.
Display all asset tasks in a calendar. Get a big picture view of your tasks by the year, month, week or day.
List assets cross references. When adding an asset you can record a relevant clause of a regulation or standard to help to make auditing more efficient.
Create a new asset that needs to be managed. This can be an uploaded file, a URL link, web document or a physical resource.
Create a new asset type. This helps to categorise your assets into logical groups.
Create a new task type. This helps to categorise your tasks into logical groups.
Links you to this page!
Create a task. This icon only appears when you are viewing the details of an asset. We made it red so it stands out to remind us it's there.